Monday, March 20, 2006

Last Year's "School" Fire in Washington

This was during our archery shoot. Some of the guys were down pulling the arrows out of the target. You can see the burnt tree in front of them. Notice the trees around it are still standing and some are even still green.

This is what's left of one of the campgrounds. The only things left standing were 2 outdoor toilets. They are made of concrete. Not a tree left standing. Ths is a helicopter they are using to pull the burnt, dead trees out and dump them elsewhere. We had to stop in the road to wait for it to cross. I wish I could have gotten a picture of it carrying the trees. This is after it dropped them off across the river.

The School fire was started by a tree falling on a power line. There was over 50,000 acres burned during September 2005 and many families lost their homes and cabins. It was very devastating to the area.
The forestry and state are working to clear out the dead timber. All of the state land is closed to the public while they do this. Our archery shoot was moved a little bit due to this.

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