Saturday, March 31, 2007

Long Week

I've been fighting a sinus infection this week. I hope to get some much needed rest this weekend and make it go away. The bear and buffalo are 2 targets that we shoot at with our bows and arrows. One of our club members made these by hand many years ago.

Here are some guys shooting at the flying pigs. Below is a picture of one of our young shooters holding one of the pigs.
This young fellow turned 4 over the weekend! He was so excited about it and shooting his new bow that his grandpa gave him. He received an award arrow and I was told he slept with it that night! He's a very happy archer!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Horseback Archery - Kassai

We had our annual Traditional Archery Shoot this past weekend. Allen and Todd did a demonstration of the Kassai horseback archery. It is a Hungarian martial art form. They have to shoot several arrows as the horse runs across a course. It was a very interesting event to watch.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

2007 Tucannon Shoot

We had a really good time camping last weekend. There were over 530 shooters there, which meant a lot of waiting in line to shoot. It was okay if you had others to talk to while you waited. Mike and the boys also went fishing. They didn't catch anything on the weekend. Mike and Andy did catch a few on Thursday and Friday though.

Our friends Martha, Luis and their family camped with us. They also cooked us up dinner on Saturday night. They have a 2 1/2 year old grandaughter that was a real trooper shooting with us. She did great on Saturday all day long. By Sunday, she was tired and really didn't want to be walking in the woods.

We stayed until the trophies were awarded. Andy got a 2nd place in his class and I got a trophy too. Those Blue Mountain Archers can really put on a shoot. They have some great targets and are very friendly. They are a great group of folks!
Here is Sadee, keeping guard inside the trailer.
Here's our trailer.
This is our group getting ready to shoot a target.

Here's Tyke, shooting his old compound bow. He has a very nice newer one that needs a couple of things done to it before he can use it.
Here's Andy shooting his Roy Coursey recurve that Mike won last year at the Moses Lake Rock Shoot.
This is what it looks like in places where they've been logging since the 2 fires there.
Andy and Sadee playing or chopping wood, I'm really not sure. I wasn't there when this one was taken.
This weekend is our club's Traditional Shoot. The course will be set-up differently this year, due to the flooded Yakima River on part of the range. There is 2-3 foot of water on the West side of the road. The ducks are having a great time on the new "lake" they have out there! At least the main range and the camping area is not flooded. In 2006, the area had a lot more water there than it does now. You couldn't even drive off the highway to get near the area. Houses were flooded and mobile homes floated off their foundations. It was pretty bad.
We are going to have a horseback archery demonstration at the shoot, bowbirds and flying pigs to shoot at. Yes, I said pigs, not live ones though.
Well, I've got a few things to finish up before the weekend. I'm going to set out some of my crochet stuff to sell at the shoot. I hope to sell a few things.

Have a great weekend everybody!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Headed to the Mountains!!

These are pictures I took last year after the first big fire up there. There was another one this past fall also.

Here we are waiting our turn to shoot.
These folks were waiting to shoot and we were coming back down the hill. It was a long day.

We're heading to the Tucannon to go camping and shooting this weekend! I can't wait to get there. I love to camp and visit with everyone. There should be a lot of our friends up there.

It should be fun!

You all have a wonderful weekend without me, Okay??

Sunday, March 11, 2007

It's Sunday

I've been busy adding pictures to our high school class blog this weekend. One of the guys sent me some great pictures and I just had to start adding them on there. Our next reunion is in 2009, so I've been working to try and keep the class together and in touch by emailing to everyone occasionally, and posting on the blog I set-up. It's just so much fun to hear from old friends!

Kamiakin 1979

The weather is pretty nice now. It was 63 on Saturday and it's going to be 70 today. I hope it stays nice for the archery shoot next weekend.

I'm working on a few things to take up there to sell. Just some pillows and hats probably. I don't want to take much. My boxes take up too much room in the trailer.

Have a fun week and I hope you get to start enjoying the spring wherever you are!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Up Really Early!

I came down with a cold and cough this week. It's not really bad, but just annoying enough to give me a sore throat and every time I start talking I cough. I came home from work early the past 2 days. I know it could be worse.

I just couldn't sleep anymore this morning. I was up at 5:00am. The wind came up last night too and I have a hard time sleeping when it's blowing hard.

We are starting to get ready for our first camping trip of the spring. We're going to the Tucannon in 2 weekends for an archery shoot. They Blue Mountain Archers put on a huge shoot up there. For those of you that don't know about the Tucannon, it's on the NE side of Dayton, WA. The past 2 years there have been 2 major fires up there. The forestry dept. has been logging up there for over a year to clean it up. Some of the campgrounds were lost and new ones built since then. It looks a little different I'm told. Mike and Andy went up fishing last weekend and did really well. They didn't see any snow, which is good for our camping trip. They'll be going up earlier than Tyke and I so they can fish some more. We're going up on Friday after work and school.

I hope you are all having a great week!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

High School Orientation

Last night we went to dinner with my folks at Old Country Buffet. There were also 2 of my aunts, my mom's cousin and one of my cousins and 2 of her kids. It was good to see everyone. We had a very nice visit!

Today, Andy and I went to the high school for freshman orientation. He is looking forward to it. We talked to all the sports coaches that he's interested in playing and some of the elective classes. They were also taking groups on a tour of the school. It was nice to see the school since it was remodeled 2 years ago. They added a lot of rooms and gymnasiums to it since I went there.

I made a contact with the booster club also. They sell the clothing with the school logo on it. I am going to make up a bunch of scarves and fingerless gloves for them to sell next fall during football season. We'll split the proceeds so that I can make back my material money, at least. It will help me get my crochet stuff out there a little bit more.

Andy starts track practice on Monday. He's never done track before, so this is something new. He plans to play football next year. We talked to the head coach today and he says that all the freshman make the team and play. They hav a spring training camp here and then a summer training at Boise State University in the summer for a week. Andy is really looking forward to it.

There is no cup race this weekend, and the Busch race is on Sunday. They are racing in Mexico this week. Mike and the boys may be going to the Tucannon tomorrow to go fishing. It's supposed to be really nice then.

The weather is not cooperating lately. We've had rain and cold again. It's supposed to get up to 59 today and it's only 43 at 1:30pm. I have my doubts about it getting any warmer today. I'm so ready for warm weather!