Saturday, March 31, 2007

Long Week

I've been fighting a sinus infection this week. I hope to get some much needed rest this weekend and make it go away. The bear and buffalo are 2 targets that we shoot at with our bows and arrows. One of our club members made these by hand many years ago.

Here are some guys shooting at the flying pigs. Below is a picture of one of our young shooters holding one of the pigs.
This young fellow turned 4 over the weekend! He was so excited about it and shooting his new bow that his grandpa gave him. He received an award arrow and I was told he slept with it that night! He's a very happy archer!

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CrochetManiacs said...

More pics, awesome!
LOL, that little guy looks very happy. You know he was having a blast! The one who made those targets did a great job on them. That is a very talented person. I would give anything if hubby and I (at our age) could get into some kind of hobby or sport (an easy one) we could both do together and enjoy. You and your family seem to have really hit on yours. I can just imagine what it must be like to shot a bow.....I have never had the chance but one time......a long time back now, when I was a just kid.
Everytime you say something about those old sinus attacks, I can just feel the pain. I can so remember when I had it that bad. Many a visit to the ER and lots of suddafed and benedryl, plus double run of antibiotics......every year, in the spring and in the fall. Mine always came with the seasons changing.
I hope you can get it knocked out quickly with no infection. I got your e-mail the other day and am just now getting the chance to get back with you......sorry it took me longer than I would have wished. I thought that I would just visit you here on your blog tonight.....hope you didn't mind a long post.
Have a great one your way.......Oh yea, I stopped in at your etsy shop, WOW Woman, you have got those Boobie hats flying out of there don't you....way to go girl!
....Later My Dear :)