Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hermiston Archery Shoot April 12-13

Here's a few pictures we took at the shoot. Walking to the next target. Here I am with my pretty Purple Heart Longbow.
Here's hubby shooting his longbow.
Here's Bob shooting one of his own homemade longbows. Now Mike wants one of his too!
Bob and Rusty relaxing after a day of shooting.

What a Week!

We are going to Spokane tomorrow to see my brother and the family. He's making some small strides, but is also having some new problems. Please keep them all in your thoughts during this very difficult time.

We are hoping that we don't see snow tomorrow. Last weekend we drove through snow storms on the way there and home again. It was really strange.

I've had a sinus infection all week. Darn allergies and stress! It really knocked me down. I think I'm finally feeling a bit better today.

One of my closest friends is in town this weekend. Her daughter's family are moving here next weekend. What this means is that she and her hubby may be moving back this year also! Yippee! I sure hope they do. I've missed her so much since she moved away all those years ago. She stopped by today and we went to Dairy Queen for blizzards. She plans to be in town for the next 3-4 weekends to help her daughter get things moved here and settle in.

It's warm again this weekend. It feels so good to have 70 degrees instead of 40. I think it's supposed to cool off again this week, but for now it's wonderful.

That's about it for now.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Brother

My brother is out of ICU now and eating REAL food! Not liquid food, but sandwiches, applesauce and anything else he feels like eating. It's a great thing. He might even be out of the hospital in a few days, going to a rehab. center near the hospital. He has a lot of work to do to get his left side working right.

As for me, I have a sinus infection I'm hoping to be rid of this week. The weather man is saying we could get snow tonight! I hate this weather. It is April and the cold has already damaged fruit trees in the area. 2 weekends ago we were at an archery shoot and got a sunburn. How weird is that?? Now we're freezing again.

Keep checking my blog for more updates.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Barry Can Talk!

They removed his breathing tube and he can talk. He even answered questions for the nurse. This is a real breakthrough!

We are going up to Spokane on Sunday to see him and I can't wait! He has made such wonderful progress since all this happened on Monday night. What a week!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

An Update on Us

Well, it's been quite a while since I've posted here. We've just been busy.
We went to an archery shoot in Hermiston last weekend. We camped and it was so hot that we got a sunburn! It was wonderful.

Monday night my brother was flown to Spokane. He is still in the ICU. So far, all we really know is that he has a dark mass in the brain, very close to the brain stem. There could be a tumor there, but the MRI can not see through the dark mass right now. They have to wait until it dissipates and they can take another MRI of his brain. He is breathing on his own and hopefully will be able to talk to us once they take the tube out of his mouth. He has developed pneumonia also. He is having some trouble with his left side arm and leg, but they appear to be getting better every day.

He can communicate with his right hand. My niece set up a website to keep everyone updated on his progress. They are also getting lots of support from friends and family. The guestbook is already several pages of well wishes and prayers.

We are planning to drive up there on Sunday to see him and the rest of the family.

Please keep my brother and his family in your thoughts.