Saturday, September 30, 2006

A Nice Fall Day

Today is supposed to be 85 and tomorrow we start dropping again down in the 70's. It's been really nice here.

We went to the Kamiakin High School football game last night. They played Sunnyside and we won 62-0. It was a little one sided to say the least. Sunnyside would get a good run going and then we'd intercept, block the kick or just do something to get the ball back. It was pretty warm during the game. Last week we got cold and had our coats on by halftime.

I really haven't been doing much except crocheting and trying to keep up with the boys and the teachers. Tyke is still coughing, but all in all he is feeling better. He even went to the game last night. Andy has been playing soccer. They had 2 games this week and lost them both. This year he is playing several positions, from goalie to forward and everything in between. He was using some pretty impressive footwork in the last game. We didn't know he could do that! He's really enjoying it.

Mike went fishing this morning with Scot. I hope they are successful. It would be nice to have some fresh fish to eat.

Sadee came in heat last weekend. One week down and 2 more to go. We've got to get her fixed. I'm not going through this again with her. She has been the most whiney dog we've ever had. She hates being in the dog kennel when we leave. We're afraid some male dog will jump the back fence and get to her while we're away. She had to go in there last night and I think she was actually swearing at me. She was so mad!

I've had a couple of job interviews lately also. I'm kind of glad they didn't call me back. I really didn't want them anyway. I'll keep looking and the right one will come along.
I guess that's all for now.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday, September 24th

Hi All!

We got good news about Jereme, my cousin's son. He was sitting in a chair Friday. They are doing a surgery on Monday and he may possibly be back in town by the weekend! We're not sure if they are planning on him being in a hospital or a rehab center though. We should know more this week. He has a very long road ahead, but he is alive and doing much better.

Mike, Andy and their friend Scot went out duck hunting yesterday for the youth weekend. Andy was the only one that could hunt. They also took Sadie to see how she would do around the gun. She didn't even flinch when Andy shot! Mike was so happy. She did really well. The only problem was that she wanted to be out in the water while they were putting out the decoys and kept getting in the way. I'm sure she'll learn. This was only Andy's 2nd time bird hunting in 3 seasons. He didn't kill any, but did get some tail feathers on one that kept flying way. Tyke really wanted to go, but he's considered an adult now and he's had that bad cold. Sadie was so tired yesterday. We think she's a little stiff and sore too from all the swimming she did get to do.

The weather here has been beautiful this weekend. 70ish and sunny. I sure am going to miss these nice days when winter finally moves in. They are saying that we are supposed to have cold and snow this winter. According to the Almanac, anyway. We'll see.

Friday, September 22, 2006


Here are some holiday scarves I make up this past week. The pattern came from my Annie's Scrap Crochet this month. I thought it was a cute pattern and just had to try it out. They work up pretty quickly and might sell well at bazaars, but I don't know for sure.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

TV Shows New Season

I just saw that Boston Legal is back on tonight!! Woohoo! We love that show.
Sunday is Desperate Housewives and soon Lost will be on again too. I can hardly wait for them all. We were really into Invasion and Commander and Chief too but they cancelled them.

I've finally got my Christmas cards designed and have started on the first set. I've got a lot to print off yet though. I made them with seahorses and seadragons this year.

We're having some clouds and it smells like it's going to rain soon. The weatherman said last night that we are about 10 degrees below normal this week. Last week it was in the 90's and this week, maybe 70, if we're lucky. I guess fall is in the air.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Elk Hunting Camp

If you look really close, you can see the
sunset in the tree picture. Uncle Tim and Andy doing homework.

A picture of a cow elk and a 2 point bull.
They saw these 2 days before elk season opened.

Here's camp after they took down the wall tent after the cows pooped in it and broke things. They all slept in the tent trailer then.

Elk Camp and Moo Cows Don't Mix....

While the men were out hunting the mighty Elk, they had some visitors. At first, it appeared that someone had ramsacked their camp. As you can see in these pictures, things were knocked off tables, broken and moved around. After closer inspection, they noticed the culprits left behind some evidence. In the last picture is a pile of cow poop! At least one pushed open the tied door to the wall tent and left that present. It stepped on a cot and broke it amongst other things. What a mess!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Crochetmania Ornament Swap

Look what I got from Misskitty (Chris). The beaded one has blue beads and clear heart beads on it. They are all so pretty!
These came from Bonnie. 2 crocheted balls, a penguin and an embroidered handtowel. They are so wonderful!

Thank you both so much!

Pumpkin Critters

I got this pattern from the newest Hooked on Crochet magazine.
So which one do you all like better? The bear or the frog.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Halloween Stuff

Here's a wreath I made for a friend.
Candy Corn anyone??
Another wreath.

My Pumpkin candy bowl.

This is a Halloween Tree I made a couple of years ago. It looks really good sitting in the middle of a table.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Update on Jeremy

Jeremy made it through the surgery this morning. The aorta was torn so bad that they had to put a tube in to fix it. The dr. thinks he'll be okay. The next step is to see an orthopedic doctor. His collar bone, left shoulder and left arm are broken pretty badly. He's got a long road ahead of him to get well again.

Right now it looks better than it was. No one is talking about the liver so it must be okay. He also broke some ribs, not sure how many though. His head was fine and the helmet doesn't even look dented. They showed it on the news report.

Thank you to all that had him in your thoughts and prayers!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Jeremy, My Cousin

We got word this morning that my cousin's son, Jeremy, was in a very serious accident Tuesday night. He was riding his motorcyle and was hit by a semi truck. They rushed him to the local hospital and removed his spleen. Then he was flown to Seattle to one hospital and taken to another for heart surgery. He has a tear in his aorta, punctured lung, liver damage and I'm not sure what else. The surgery has been put off until Thursday morning. He is stable and was talking, per his Aunt. Although at that time, the family had not seen him yet. We will wait to hear how the surgery goes. Jeremy is 27.

Please keep him in your thoughts.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mania Ornament Swap

I joined a Christmas ornament swap over at Crochetmania. Here's the first ornament I received today.

Isn't it pretty? It came from Tx CrochetLover, Selena. She also sent a very nice card and a cute little stitch marker that is a cowboy hat.

Doesn't that make you think of Texas?

September Goose

Well it's September and apple season here in Washington.

Watch out for those little green worms though!