Sunday, April 30, 2006

My Niece's Wedding

Here were a bunch of the kids playing with some balloons. It kept them busy and they were having a great time!
This is my sister, the mother of the bride dancing with one of her granddaughters.
This is my one of my great-niece's. She's 5. They had a table at the reception for the kids to make crafty things. These are what she made. It was a wonderful idea!

My niece, Stacy got married yesterday. Here she is with her husband, Dan. It was a very nice wedding. They make a very nice couple.

Thursday, April 27, 2006


I joined a new crochet forum this week. Right now it is a small community of friends. Come check it out! I think you'll like what you see.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Camo Afghan

Here's pictures of a couple of afghans called Arrowhead Valley. One is made with brown camo and the other is a dark green. I love this pattern. I've started another one also. I sold both of them.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Traditional Archery Shoots

The last weekend of March, our club put on a traditional shoot and we had lots of raffle items. I won a duffle bag and my husband won a duffle bag, a backpack, a large yard ornament, and a new bow made by a friend of ours, Wade Morris. We've neveer won that much stuff at a shoot before and we do go to a lot of shoots.

We went to the Traditional Archery Shoot in Moses Lake this past weekend. We had a really good time visiting with friends that we only see once or twice a year and shooting. It was quite windy though, which is to be expected in the desert. But after 4 weekends with rain, there wasn't any! woohoo!! They had some good raffle items and my husband won a new bow! It's a bow that is made by Roy Coursey, a friend of ours. It's a really pretty bow.

That's 2 bows at 2 shoots. We just can't believe his luck lately!

I think he needs to play the lottery this week.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Blue Squares Afghan

This is an afghan that I made for a very close friend of mine. She chose the colors. I used Angel and Flower squares to make it. They are 12" squares. I used 4 patterns and made 6 squares of each.
Karen, if you see this, I still have some ends to weave in, so I should have it done by the time you come to town.

Ready for Hunting!

Here's my newest goose. It's not really hunting season but I wanted to make up an outfit that I could show at an archery shoot we're going to. I'm taking some crochet items to try and sell.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Some Animals on our Trip in 2004

Here's the boys with a Fox at a petting zoo we went to.
This one was at the Wildlife Safari.
This Giraffe was at the Wildlife Safari.
The Tiger was at the petting zoo.

Elephant Ride

2 years ago we went to the Wildlife Safari in Oregon and Tyke, Mike and I rode an elephant. They are really tall!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Kittens on the Fence Afghan

I just finished this afghan over the weekend. It is a wedding gift for my niece. She picked the colors and since she's very allergic to cats like I am, I thought it would be a good choice. It was a very easy pattern to follow and worked up pretty fast. I think I'll have to start another one in different colors.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Wet Weekend

We were supposed to give some Boy Scouts archery instruction this weekend. It rained and the wind blew too hard to do it on Saturday. You should have seen us trying to put up our awning cover. As you can see in the picture we only got it up part of the way. We used it more for a wind block. We finally decided to forget it and go home for the day. On Sunday we got there and all the boys had gone home Saturday afternoon. They didn't even stay the night. Sunday was really a nice day and today it's raining again! You'd think we lived on the coast with as much rain as we're getting here lately.

Oh well, we have 2 other weekends set up in May and June to do the instruction for other kids. Hopefully, we'll have better weather for it.

Easter Goose

Here's my goose's Easter outfit.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Camping Trip

Here's our camp. It rained most of the day Saturday, but that didn't stop the boys from fishing.
Andy is roasting marshmallows and KC is checking him out.
Here I am shooting my longbow. I do enjoy archery!
Andy decided to chop some more wood for the fire. He did a good job!

The Girls!

Sadee is getting big! Last week she weighed in at 28 lbs at 3 months old. Our vet says she may be 85-90 lbs when full grown!
We were camping last weekend and KC didn't like the rain so she took over this chair. She was just out of Sadee's reach which really made Sadee mad.
Here are the girls being angels.