Sunday, April 30, 2006

My Niece's Wedding

Here were a bunch of the kids playing with some balloons. It kept them busy and they were having a great time!
This is my sister, the mother of the bride dancing with one of her granddaughters.
This is my one of my great-niece's. She's 5. They had a table at the reception for the kids to make crafty things. These are what she made. It was a wonderful idea!

My niece, Stacy got married yesterday. Here she is with her husband, Dan. It was a very nice wedding. They make a very nice couple.


heather said...

Jodi, those are great pictures!! Your niece looks beautiful!

schcrochet said...

Wonderful pictures, beautiful bride and the kids look like they were having a ball!
Popped over from Mania

CrochetManiacs said...

She is very beautiful and the groom is handsome........she did good, lol.
Looks like all had a wonderful time.
The little girl is gorgeous