Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wounded Boys

Okay, so after work today, I go out with some friends. One of my girl friends had her last day at work and we were celebrating with her. We had a good time and I got to meet her fiance.

I come home to Tyke with what appears to be shin splints. He's sore but can walk okay. Kyle comes home (he's staying with us for a while) and he's hobbling on one leg. He's sprained his ankle and it's swollen up pretty bad and he's in some pain. I may need to round up some crutches for him tomorrow. We got him to bed with an icepack on it and have it elevated. You see, these teenage boys have been playing football a lot recently and I think today they got too rough. Boys will be Boys!

I can hardly wait to see what tomorrow brings! haha

Mike is going to be working a lot of overtime for the next month or more. This weekend we have an archery instruction set up with a group at the archery range. I'm hoping that Mike will be able to be there. If not, I do have some of our club members that are going to be there also to help out.

Well, so much for tonight. I think it's about time for me to get to bed.
Have a wonderful Friday!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Easter & Tyke's Birthday

Here is the annual Easter Egg Hunt. The day started out very wet, but by the time we got to the egg hunt it had stopped raining.
Here's Tyke's cake. My sister, on the right in above picture, made it. She makes some of the coolest cakes I've ever seen!
Here's the birthday boy!
Here's some of the kids gathered around for the birthday song.
A good time was had by all of us with lots of food too!

Friday, April 13, 2007


Here's the Birthday Boy! He's 17 today. He was born on Good Friday the 13th. My oh my, where does the time go?? Here he is wearing his Denver Broncos coat. He's a big fan of those broncos.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Spidey Ghan and Big Fishes

Here are Andy and Mike with the trout they caught on opening lakes day. They were huge! We just wish they had tasted better. They were really muddy tasting. Apparently, they'd been in the small lake, way too many years!
Here's my first Spidey Ghan. I really like this pattern. It goes pretty fast.

Thursday, After a Very Long Week

My BIL was released from the hospital today and should be at his new adult care home by now.

I received an email from my mom yesterday and my cousin's son, who is about 10-12 years old is having some medical problems. The doctor's are having a heck of a time finding out what is causing his problems. He's in a lot of pain right now and they don't want to give him more than Tylenol so that the tests will all come out right. Please keep him in your thoughts that they can get him up and running again soon. They were in town not long ago and we all had dinner together.

Just one more day of this work week. I really need to have some down time. Saturday, we are having our Easter dinner at Mom's. It's always so fun to get together and the kids will have fun hiding and finding eggs. I'm hoping that my sinus' will be better by then too. This crazy infection apparently had not gone away 100%. It came back while we were in Spokane with my BIL. I'm on some new medicine and hopefully, it'll be gone this time.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful day!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Brother-In-Law Doing Better

My BIL is hopefully going to be released from the hospital today. He had a severe case of pneumonia. It affected his kidneys, heart and his diabetes. Once they got him on the right antibiotic, he started feeling much better.

We stayed with him from Friday until Monday night. My SIL's were there until Saturday and then they came back on Monday night. He was born with Down's Sydrome which added to his confusion of all the blood drawing and tests they were running on him. He was pretty scared and didn't want to be left alone without one of us there. It made for some very short nights of sleep for us. The nurses even called us back over there one night, since he wouldn't take his medicine for them. He finally took it after talking to Mike on the phone.

He should be feeling even better in a few more days.

Thanks to all my friends that read my blog and sent thoughts and prayers to him! We really were afraid that it was his heart or kidneys that were the problem. Once they found the pneumonia, everything else just took care of itself.

I've got a good start on another Spidey-Ghan while sitting in the hospital for 4 days. I have several pictures to post still of the other ghan and some swap squares I've received.

I also have some pictures of some huge trout that Mike and Andy caught a couple of weeks ago. They are pretty big ones. I just wish they had tasted as good as they looked. They were really muddy tasting and smelling after we cooked them. I guess they had been in that lake for a really long time.

Well, that's about it for now. I'll post more later when I can.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Family Emergency

My BIL is in the hospital in Spokane. We are heading up there today. Please keep him in your thoughts.

I'll be away for the weekend.