Friday, December 29, 2006


I'd like to wish you all a very happy and fun New Year!
We have no plans, probably just stay home with some munchies and fall asleep before midnight.

Be safe and enjoy 2007, Everyone!

We had a wonderful Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve at my folk's house with all of my side of the family. Everyone had a wonderful time and got spoiled rotten.

Christmas morning we were up early and opened our gifts. We were all spoiled rotten too. Mike was very surprised to open his NFL jersey and the Nascar items we got for him. The boys were shocked to get some new duck decoys and they each got a new shotgun for bird hunting. They just can't wait to use them this weekend. I got some new clothes, boots, a new car, and a crochet book I wanted. I'll try to post pictures this weekend.

I've been sick this week and with starting the new job and selling so many pillows this month, I'm really behind with things. For those of you that normally receive a Christmas card....., they will be in the mail by Monday. I'm sorry they are so late. I hope you all understand.

Love to you all!


CrochetManiacs said...

Happy New Year Jodi!!
The goose is a real cutie :)
Hope you get to feeling beter girl,
and I am so happy for you and your etsy shop. You go girl friend!!!

Miranda said...

Happy New Year Jodi!! Glad to see that you are catching up on your orders. Hope you are feeling better and GO CHIEFS!!!