Thursday, August 31, 2006

Columbia Complex Fire 9/1/06

The fire is now up to over 79,000 acres burned and only 25% contained. There have been 7 homes lost as of this morning.

The weather is supposed to heat up again during the day another 20 degrees or so. It looks like they are having a tough time fighting this one. They say that it is very likely to keep spreading.

August 31st Update

Well, the kids are back in school now. YEH!!!! Now we have to push the homework issue and keep up with sports games.

I finally got my car back on Monday night. I'm so happy to have it again. So far, so good with the new but used engine. Even the dogs are happy, since they get to go for rides more often now.

The men folk are trying to get ready for hunting next week. They are leaving the 6th. I'll have to go pick up the boys on Sunday so they don't miss any more school than 3 days.

I've really seriously started working on the Christmas card designs. Hopefully, I'll be printing them soon. There's less than 4 months for me to get them all done and mailed out.

I've made contact with an old friend this morning. She's someone I worked with over 20 years ago and I think of her often. We used to have a lot of fun together and I'm really glad to have reconnected with her.

This past week we've had a lot of smoke from a major forest fire. The fire is actually about 2 hours drive from us, but the wind changed and blew it here until Tuesday. Then the wind started going the other direction and really making it hard on the firefighters. It looks like it's going to cross over the Oregon border now. There's been almost 70,000 acres burned already. This was prime hunting area and many of our archer friends were going up there tomorrow for opening season. I'm sure most will either go somewhere else or not at all now. They say they can hunt North of the fire, but I think it'll be too smoky that close. Mike and the boys always hunt somewhere else for the opening, so they aren't worried about where they'll be going. I heard that 2 houses have been burned, but not injuries that I know of. We all hope that they are able to stay safe there and get control of it soon.

I hope everyone has a great last day of August!

Lator, Gators!

Friday, August 25, 2006

22 Years Ago Today.....

we were married. Here are a few pictures from my wedding album. My twin nephews and 2 nieces were ringbearers and flower girls for us. (They'll probably send me an awful email for posting this one!)
Here we were cutting the cake and yes, we each wore some of it too!
This is my Dad and Mom with us.
Here's the whole wedding party. What a time we had! We had the ceremony and reception at Sacajawea Park. It was a wonderful day. Then we had a bbq reception. When we left the park, we drove off on the river in my dad's boat. Our car was at the boat launch a few miles away. We didn't want to take the chance of some of our more ornery friends and family painting the car or something worse. As it was, when we pulled in our driveway at home, someone had used all the toilet paper and papertowels to decorate our huge trees and stuffed our truck full of newspapers! What are friends for anyway??

Ohhhhh, the memories!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Saturday Night

This is JoAnne Mohrland singing.
JoAnne's mom is in the striped shirt. There was a dance floor in front of us and several folks were having a great time dancing to the music.

Saturday night we went to the town of Milton-Freewater, Oregon. They were having their Muddy Frogwater Festival. We'd never been there before but a good friend of ours was singing with her band and we had to watch her. JoAnne sang at our wedding 22 years ago. JoAnne and her family only live 60 miles from us, but we only see see each other about 2 times a year. They are also into archery shooting. As usual, we enjoyed listening to her and seeing most of her family too.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Driver's Education

Well, Tyke passed driver's ed. with flying colors. Now he has to wait another 5 months to take his test for the license. I hope we get my car back soon so he can drive more.

I've had a stye in my eye all week and it's been absolutely miserable! I think it's finally healing, but is still annoying. If you've never had one it's kind of like a pimple on your eyelid. Mine is right on the edge of the upper lid and keeps rubbing and making my eye water.

Mike had me type up his list for hunting supplies this morning. They leave in 2 weeks or less for elk camp. Archery opens on Sept. 8th. He'll be gone for 2 weeks or so. The boys will be gone for 4 or 5 days. We only take them out of school for 2 days, usually. Since it's at the start of school, they don't get too behind.

Andy went to Silverwood Amusement Park yesterday with a friend. It's about a 3 1/2 to 4 hours drive from here. He got home at midnite. Last year, he went 4 times including once with us. It's a fun place and they have a huge water park too.

I might post more later after I load up some pictures.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


My Mom is 75 today!

She's incredible too. She is a very active woman.
I just love her to pieces!


I think I need bigger eyes on this one. I used what I had in my stash. This one has a water bottle underneath it.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Crochetmania Squares Swap

Here's the squares I've received recently.
Aren't they just beautiful?

Thanks, Ladies!