Friday, August 25, 2006

22 Years Ago Today.....

we were married. Here are a few pictures from my wedding album. My twin nephews and 2 nieces were ringbearers and flower girls for us. (They'll probably send me an awful email for posting this one!)
Here we were cutting the cake and yes, we each wore some of it too!
This is my Dad and Mom with us.
Here's the whole wedding party. What a time we had! We had the ceremony and reception at Sacajawea Park. It was a wonderful day. Then we had a bbq reception. When we left the park, we drove off on the river in my dad's boat. Our car was at the boat launch a few miles away. We didn't want to take the chance of some of our more ornery friends and family painting the car or something worse. As it was, when we pulled in our driveway at home, someone had used all the toilet paper and papertowels to decorate our huge trees and stuffed our truck full of newspapers! What are friends for anyway??

Ohhhhh, the memories!


CrochetManiacs said...

Ahhhhh, those are some nice pics Jodi, and good memories to look back on I bet for you two. Thanks for sharing these with us, and by the way, the bride is beautiful (smile). Groom is pretty handsome to. You guys make a lovely couple.

Around74 said...

I just love looking at my wedding pics. They do bring back some pretty amazing memories.

You and hubby look amazing. Very nice pics.