Monday, November 21, 2011


Kamiakin played Kennewick on Saturday in the state playoffs. It just so happens, that both schools are in Kennewick, Washington. Pretty cool, huh?
Kamiakin won 22-14 and we are now in the final 4 for the 3A division!!

Bellevue will travel here on Saturday to play in the snow(maybe) and cold. We had snow coming down last Saturday. Bellevue is from the Seattle area and the same team we played in the state championship last year. That is the only game we've lost in 2 seasons! We'll be ready for them this time.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving holiday!

Monday, November 14, 2011

What a Busy & Fun Weekend!

Friday was a day off of work. Tyke and I went grocery shopping. OUCH!! Too much to buy to fill the cupboards.
Saturday was a bazaar jumping morning with my sister. We had fun and then took my neice Ashley to get her new phone activated. The afternoon was a great football game with Kamiakin playing Seattle Prep in round 1 of the State 3A Playoffs. They had a good lead of 14-0 in the 2nd quarter but we came back and beat them 28-14!! It was an exciting game to say the least. Our #1 QB was out this week with a broken finger. He will play this next weekend though. The #2 guy did a great job. He's got some talent.
Next Saturday we play our across town rival Kennewick HS. They have only lost 1 game this season and it was to us. We only have 2 more playoff games and then the championship on Dec. 2nd in Tacoma!

On Suday, I had lunch with 3 fun classmates! It was a hoot! We did manage to eat lunch during our over 3 hour meetup. There is just so much to talk about. It was a great afternoon and much needed!

Have a great week my friends!

Monday, October 10, 2011

It's a Sad Time Here

We lost my brother-in-law, Skip, on Sunday. We went over to Seattle on Friday morning. He'd been there for about 10 days after falling and breaking his back. This accident brought on some other major problems and we lost him. We still feel kind of numb.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

It's been a bad week Folks

We started the week off with hearing that friends of mine were in a propane fire at their cabin. 3 of them have 2nd degree burns and they were all taken to a Seattle hospital. As of today (Sunday) 2 of them have been released and 1 will remain there for 3-4 weeks. This family and I have been friends almost forever. The mom and I were best friends in high school. She is the one that has to stay there for awhile.

Then, Tuesday night, we got a call from Mike's family. His older brother fell from his semi-truck and broke his back. He was flown to the same hospital in Seattle that my other friends are at. He had surgery on Wednesday. He went through it pretty well. It was a long one though. Now, he has something going on with his heart. They can't seem to get his blood pressure to stay normal. They are talking about surgery on him for that now, but not sure he would make it through it. They are not sure he will make it without it either. They think he has pnuemonia also which really complicates things. They are still not sure if he will be able to walk again.

Please keep him in your thoughts. He's in ICU and not doing very well at all. We will probably be going over there on the weekend, unless we have to go sooner. Mike and Tyke went over this weekend and he's in bad shape.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

What a Crazy Week, Followed by a Busy Weekend!

Work has just been nuts!
I went to the freshman football game on Thursday. We WON!!
We went to the varsity game on Friday night. They called it the game of the year before the game. The 2 high schools even sold tickets at the schools that day. There were approximately 6800 tickets sold! The bleachers were packed! It was a close game and the referee's are jerks! Really!! They don't know the rules or what a penalty is! They all need to go back to referee school and do it soon!

We did win it so we're undefeated, but what a nail biter! I thought I'd have a stroke before it was done. 14-6 and we're on top again! We were ranked 5th in the state, so we'll see this week what the AP poles say.

Then on Saturday, I went with my sister and a friend to Prosser for the Great Prosser Balloon Rally. The balloons were so beautiful going up and the weather was awesome! I took lots of pictures of them. We went to the craft show, farmer's market and several shops. It was a wonderful day!

I'll try to post pictures sometime soon for all to see.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm Backkkkkkkkkkk!

Well, here I am again!

High school football has started and even though we don't have a boy playing anymore, we are still going to the games. We have fun there seeing friends and since we still know some of the players, it's good. We're 2-0 so far. The season is starting off like last year. Go Kamiakin!

I'm starting to get some orders for the holidays to make up. Work has gone nuts recently.

There was a fire at Mike's work a couple weeks ago. It was on a Sunday night, so the place was closed and no one there. It did some bad damage though. He's still been working, but has had a couple days off. He left for deer camp (archery) this morning. I hope they get 1 or 2 between the 3 guys. It's still hot here and they deer won't be moving around as much.

I'm working on slippers and a pillow today for orders and watching NASCAR. I'm afraid that Biffle won't make the chase this year, but if he wins today, there's a chance.

College football is on too. GO WSU COUGS & BOISE STATE BRONCOS!! Kellen Moore grew up just a few miles from here.

Oh I almost forgot.......Hope Solo will be on Dancing with the Stars soon. She started her great soccer career here where she grew up!! I'll be rooting for Hope to win it all!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Holy Cow!!

It's been a long time since I've posted over here!

We lost the big state game, but what an incredible year we all had! It was amazing for the team, coaches and parents.

Andy has graduated and has a job with Les Schwab doing alignments. He really likes it there.

Mike and I are still working and haven't even gone camping all year. It's been a crazy year for us.

We just celebrated Mom's 80th birthday. It was a fun day at my SIL's house.

It's fair week here. We saw Joan Jett on Tuesday night and on Thursday we saw Kenny Rogers! He puts on a great show! Very entertaining and fun. I now have to have a cd for my ipod! His songs just keep going through my head. It was fun to see so many friends out there too.
I'm going to try to post on here more often. We'll see how that goes. :-)