Sunday, September 25, 2011

What a Crazy Week, Followed by a Busy Weekend!

Work has just been nuts!
I went to the freshman football game on Thursday. We WON!!
We went to the varsity game on Friday night. They called it the game of the year before the game. The 2 high schools even sold tickets at the schools that day. There were approximately 6800 tickets sold! The bleachers were packed! It was a close game and the referee's are jerks! Really!! They don't know the rules or what a penalty is! They all need to go back to referee school and do it soon!

We did win it so we're undefeated, but what a nail biter! I thought I'd have a stroke before it was done. 14-6 and we're on top again! We were ranked 5th in the state, so we'll see this week what the AP poles say.

Then on Saturday, I went with my sister and a friend to Prosser for the Great Prosser Balloon Rally. The balloons were so beautiful going up and the weather was awesome! I took lots of pictures of them. We went to the craft show, farmer's market and several shops. It was a wonderful day!

I'll try to post pictures sometime soon for all to see.

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