Sunday, August 26, 2007


was our 23rd Wedding Anniversary! We were married on Saturday, August 25, 1984. It was a hot day of about 90 in a park on the Columbia River. We had a big BBQ afterwards and just visited with all our family and friends. When we left the park, it was in my dad and mom's boat on the river.

Our honeymoon was spent on the Oregon Coast and it was a lot of fun. We stayed in motels, but we took some of our camping equipment and never got to camp. We had planned on camping the last 2 nights and when we were near Crater Lake it started raining. We ended up at Diamond Lake Resort and was raining so hard that the water was coming up under the door of our room! The next night we couldn't find an open campsite so we drove on home.

The Oregon Coast is one of my favorite vacation spots. I'm big on the tourist stuff too. The Oregon Coast Aquarium is my main stop in Newport. They always have something new there and I could just watch the otters and seals all day long. We did get to see Keiko, the killer whale from Free Willy, before he was moved to Iceland. That was really neat!

Yesterday, Mike had to work for a few hours. He came home with a mushy card and a dozen purple roses for ME!! They are so pretty and smell really good. He's so sweet!

Friday night we went to the fair. We watched The Guess Who in concert. They are still good after all these years. We always ride the bus out there, it's the only way to go. We pulled up there and I could see my sister and a friend in the ticket line. I called her really quick and told her to buy 4 more tickets and I'd meet them at the entry. So we didn't have to stand in line for tickets. We hung out with them for a while during and after the concert. They boys took off and did the rides and games at the carnival. We got home around midnight and Mike had 2 hours of sleep and had to get up to be at work at 4:00am. He came home and went right to bed for several hours.

Andy had football pictures yesterday too. School pictures are on Friday. School starts on Tuesday and his first game is on Saturday. The following weekend Mike will be going hunting for a week. Fall is here already, although it doesn't feel like fall. It's going to be a busy week.

I also found out from an Etsy friend that my boobie pillow was linked on a website called That was on Thursday and I had 7 orders or requests for pillows by Saturday morning! I'm busy this week! I should be able to have them all done within 2 weeks.

A Special Thanks to Mom and my sis for picking up all the stuffing and nipples at yard sales for me. It sure saves some money for everything that I make that is stuffed.

Well, I've gotta get to crocheting some more and get these pillows out.

Have a wonderful Sunday!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Well, It's NOT Broken....

You all know how Andy has been practicing and working out all summer for football?? Well, his 2nd day of real football practice and he rolls his foot! The xrays show no break in it. YEH!!! However, it is a deep ligament tear. The doctor says that 7-10 days he'll be good as new. He can still get credit for practice if he shows up and is there for talks and he can use the weight equipment. He's on crutches for a few days.

JR and I were going to get together last night and catch up, but it didn't work out for either one of us. Maybe next week will be better. It's only been since like last October since we've see each other. At least we talk on the phone once in a while.

I was watching the end of NASCAR qualifying today and Kasey Kahne was in the pole position. The last 2 drivers were Greg Biffle and Jeff Gordon. Greg goes out and takes the POLE!! I'm whooping and hollering, yeah! Then Jeffy goes out and beats it! (You could probably hear me from across the country yelling!) I was not happy. I'm not a Gordon fan. I so hope that Biffle wins it this weekend. He has been running better lately and his car seems to be quite fast this weekend.

Stay tuned for further developments on the foot, race and whatever else comes up! haha

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Christmas In July Crochet Swap

I did another crochet swap recently. Lookie what Gina, my swap partner sent to me. It's wonderful! I can't believe all the ornaments I have to add to the tree this year! Aren't they pretty? She put so much work into everything.

Thank you Gina!

It's Thursday!

It's Thursday and the week is almost over.

Andy started the real football practice yesterday. He is really enthused about playing this year. The first game is on Sept. 1st.

I took some items to the booster club lady at the high school to sell. Everything in school colors. I hope it sold okay on registration day. I have another month before the first home game to get more stuff ready. I guess I need to stock up on yellow and red and the sports ball beads. I use the beads on scrunchies and I think they'll go over really well.

The boys are not wanting to go back to school, as usual. I am happy and I'm not. I hate dealing with homework issues with them. On the bright side, I'll know where they are for a few hours a day and fewer sleep overs.

Mike and I are planning on getting away for a weekend. We're going to take the trailer and go to the mountains -- no kids and maybe KC dog will go with us. Sadee can stay home with the boys.

It's time to take Andy to his 2nd football practice of the day. He had one this morning and one this evening. Tomorrow he has a 3 hour one.

More later, I hope!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Today is my mom's birthday!

I hope you have a fun day! We'll see you later!

All Our Love!
M, J, T, A

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Yard Saling

I went yard saling today with my sis, mom and Mom's cousin.
We had a nice time and I made a haul on yarn and some more crochet books.
In the yarn, was a box with 2 partially made up baby ghans and lots of squares already started. It is really clean yarn and several full skeins of Red Heart brand. I'll try to take a picture of it later.

I finished up a baby afghan order yesterday and delivered it. I've been making so many small items lately that it seems like it's been a long time since I've finished an afghan. Now, I'm concentrating on the high school items for the Booster Club and then on to Halloween and Christmas items.

I am going to have to start designing our Christmas cards soon. If I don't at least get them designed, they will never get done. That's the hardest part. I'm not much of a graphic designer but everyone seems to like the cards when they get them.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend, Peoples!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Crochet, Archery, Crochet, Archery.....

Well, it's been a few days since I've posted anything here. I've been a little busy.

I've been making up things for orders on my store and swaps. I'm hoping to be caught up this weekend, but we'll see what happens.

Andy will be starting actual football practice next week. I can't believe that school will be starting in 3 weeks. The summer went so fast!

We had an archery club meeting last night. It was a good turnout of people. We got a lot talked about and the president is learning a lot about it. He is a past president, but things have changed so much with what has been being done that he's new at it. I was hoping we had a new publicity person, but that doesn't seem to have panned out afterall. It appears that the new gal will be going back to Tacoma for work soon. So I'm back doing it until someone will step up to the plate. I did inform them to be prepared to do a work party when it's time to send out flyers soon and everyone seemed to be on board to help me with that.

It was also decided to add another 3-D shoot to our schedule. We used to have a shoot in November and dropped it due to a lack of interest. We have added it back on now. We just have to decide on a date, which I have to make sure it's not going to interfere with any other club's shoots or events.

I also need to update our mail and email lists from this past year's shoots. That's a big project that the boys will be helping me with. Although, they don't know it yet.

Well, I'll let you all go for now and see what today will bring.

Have a wonderful week!