Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's Thursday!

It's Thursday and the week is almost over.

Andy started the real football practice yesterday. He is really enthused about playing this year. The first game is on Sept. 1st.

I took some items to the booster club lady at the high school to sell. Everything in school colors. I hope it sold okay on registration day. I have another month before the first home game to get more stuff ready. I guess I need to stock up on yellow and red and the sports ball beads. I use the beads on scrunchies and I think they'll go over really well.

The boys are not wanting to go back to school, as usual. I am happy and I'm not. I hate dealing with homework issues with them. On the bright side, I'll know where they are for a few hours a day and fewer sleep overs.

Mike and I are planning on getting away for a weekend. We're going to take the trailer and go to the mountains -- no kids and maybe KC dog will go with us. Sadee can stay home with the boys.

It's time to take Andy to his 2nd football practice of the day. He had one this morning and one this evening. Tomorrow he has a 3 hour one.

More later, I hope!

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