Sunday, August 26, 2007


was our 23rd Wedding Anniversary! We were married on Saturday, August 25, 1984. It was a hot day of about 90 in a park on the Columbia River. We had a big BBQ afterwards and just visited with all our family and friends. When we left the park, it was in my dad and mom's boat on the river.

Our honeymoon was spent on the Oregon Coast and it was a lot of fun. We stayed in motels, but we took some of our camping equipment and never got to camp. We had planned on camping the last 2 nights and when we were near Crater Lake it started raining. We ended up at Diamond Lake Resort and was raining so hard that the water was coming up under the door of our room! The next night we couldn't find an open campsite so we drove on home.

The Oregon Coast is one of my favorite vacation spots. I'm big on the tourist stuff too. The Oregon Coast Aquarium is my main stop in Newport. They always have something new there and I could just watch the otters and seals all day long. We did get to see Keiko, the killer whale from Free Willy, before he was moved to Iceland. That was really neat!

Yesterday, Mike had to work for a few hours. He came home with a mushy card and a dozen purple roses for ME!! They are so pretty and smell really good. He's so sweet!

Friday night we went to the fair. We watched The Guess Who in concert. They are still good after all these years. We always ride the bus out there, it's the only way to go. We pulled up there and I could see my sister and a friend in the ticket line. I called her really quick and told her to buy 4 more tickets and I'd meet them at the entry. So we didn't have to stand in line for tickets. We hung out with them for a while during and after the concert. They boys took off and did the rides and games at the carnival. We got home around midnight and Mike had 2 hours of sleep and had to get up to be at work at 4:00am. He came home and went right to bed for several hours.

Andy had football pictures yesterday too. School pictures are on Friday. School starts on Tuesday and his first game is on Saturday. The following weekend Mike will be going hunting for a week. Fall is here already, although it doesn't feel like fall. It's going to be a busy week.

I also found out from an Etsy friend that my boobie pillow was linked on a website called That was on Thursday and I had 7 orders or requests for pillows by Saturday morning! I'm busy this week! I should be able to have them all done within 2 weeks.

A Special Thanks to Mom and my sis for picking up all the stuffing and nipples at yard sales for me. It sure saves some money for everything that I make that is stuffed.

Well, I've gotta get to crocheting some more and get these pillows out.

Have a wonderful Sunday!!

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Trish said...

Hi Jodi, It's me, your mania "getting to know you" partner!! I wanted to wish you a Happy Belated Anniversary and also to say congrats on getting orders!!!!! I am looking forward to getting to know you better!