Saturday, September 01, 2007


WooHoo! Andy's first football game was today. They won 52-22!
How cool is that? He got to play at the end of the game. Then they decided to play a 5th quarter so the boys that didn't get much play time could play.
Unfortunatley, due to his ankle injury, he lost his playing spot. So now he has to earn it back. I'm sure he'll get back up there.

The varsity team played last night and they also won 34-0. The JV team is playing this afternoon.

I'll try to post a picture or two later today.

I was sick for a few days this week with a stomach thing. I'm finally feeling more normal now.

I've still got pillows to finish up so I can get my orders caught up. I've been working on pieces all week and now I have to put them together. I also have an order for slippers and a poncho. They should be quick to make up though.

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evelyns said...

Hi Jodi,
Im not a sports fan but you got some pretty nice pictues. and a mini movie,
I also want to wish you a happy aniversary, even though Im late.