Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I've been so Busy...

I've been busy with everything lately!

At work, I've been learning a new job and training someone temporary for mine. I start 40 hours a week on Monday. It's only for about 8 weeks, so I should be able to handle it.

We've had football, football, football and my crochet orders have been keeping me very busy. And that's a good thing!

We are going to Sunnyside for Andy's game on Thursday. They are still undefeated and doing good.

The booster club has been selling some of my crochet items at the games. It's so fun to see people wearing my stuff in the stands.

The weather is cooling off quite a bit at night, but the days are still nice.

Mike and Andy are going deer hunting on Friday night to the Tucannon area for the weekend. I sure hope they bring home some meat for the freezer. That would be so good to have.

To all my crochet buddies out there, I'm working on things. I was hoping to be able to post some pictures for you, but maybe this weekend.

Have some great days and I'll post when I can!

1 comment:

CrochetManiacs said...

Wow, looks like a lot of football playin a goin on round your place.
That is awesome on selling your things at the games and seeing them wearing it. Question, do some of them have on the boobie hats :)
LOL! I bet they do :)