Sunday, December 31, 2006


My Chiefs made it to the playoffs! WooHoo!!!

I'm a happy person today!

The Chiefs and the Seahawks both play on Saturday in game 1. We'll see if they can make it to the 2nd game.

My mom called me and said that one of my cousin's got married and they will be in town tomorrow. He lives in Chicago, I think. That's where he was last time I saw him anyway. His sister and her husband will also be here and we haven't seen them for a year or so either. They are actually children of a first cousin of mine. We're all going to meet for dinner to visit and congratulate them. It should be fun to see everyone again.

I think we're heading down to Hermiston tomorrow also to pick up a couple of dressers for the boys. There's a place that has some really nice handmade ones for cheap. It's only a 25 mile drive, so it's not very far.

Well, Everyone, have a wonderful New Year's Night!
2007 is almost here and it might already be here if you're out of the U.S. today.


Miranda said...

I am with you Jodi!! GO CHIEFS!!

I'm sure that you will have a nice visit with your relatives.

That sounds like a great deal to get quality handmade furniture for a decent price.

Happy New Year and enjoy your week!!

Sallenlouise said...

Happy New Year Jodi!
Congrats on your cousins wedding. :) I hope you enjoy the visit. I'm so happy about your Chiefs! My ears are actually still ringing due to another friend of mine! hahahah! I know you are on cloud 9!!!
I will holler at you soon,

Miranda said...


Thank you for the Christmas card. I love it.

How about those sorry KC Chiefs??
Enough said.....

JazzRizz said...

Jodi --

I just received your Christmas card. Thank you so much for thinkig of me. I loved it!!

I hope your New Year is going well.

Thank care!