Friday, September 15, 2006

Elk Hunting Camp

If you look really close, you can see the
sunset in the tree picture. Uncle Tim and Andy doing homework.

A picture of a cow elk and a 2 point bull.
They saw these 2 days before elk season opened.

Here's camp after they took down the wall tent after the cows pooped in it and broke things. They all slept in the tent trailer then.


JazzRizz said...

It looks like they had an eventful trip. Did they bring anything home with them?

The elk picture is so pretty. That's not a site you'd see here in Florida. Even the deer here remind me of goats, they're that small!

Growing up in IL, I've seen some deer that were pretty big, but those elks are HUGE!

Those cows left a pretty big mess. I bet the boys were not happy to come home to that mess. It'll definitely be a great story for years to come though!

CrochetManiacs said...

Ahhhhhh, those elk are beautiful creatures. Do they taste anything at all like deer?

Jodi said...

Elk has a stronger taste than deer. We usually marinade it all and then put it on the bbq. It really makes a difference. I never like deer or elk when I was a kid. Then a friend of ours told us about this marinade that we buy at the store and it works really well.

Jodi said...

The boys were not happy about it at all! The cows really made a mess, broke a cot and the propane lantern. Now we have to buy new ones before the end of November when they go hunting again. They'll be going somewhere else though.