Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday, September 24th

Hi All!

We got good news about Jereme, my cousin's son. He was sitting in a chair Friday. They are doing a surgery on Monday and he may possibly be back in town by the weekend! We're not sure if they are planning on him being in a hospital or a rehab center though. We should know more this week. He has a very long road ahead, but he is alive and doing much better.

Mike, Andy and their friend Scot went out duck hunting yesterday for the youth weekend. Andy was the only one that could hunt. They also took Sadie to see how she would do around the gun. She didn't even flinch when Andy shot! Mike was so happy. She did really well. The only problem was that she wanted to be out in the water while they were putting out the decoys and kept getting in the way. I'm sure she'll learn. This was only Andy's 2nd time bird hunting in 3 seasons. He didn't kill any, but did get some tail feathers on one that kept flying way. Tyke really wanted to go, but he's considered an adult now and he's had that bad cold. Sadie was so tired yesterday. We think she's a little stiff and sore too from all the swimming she did get to do.

The weather here has been beautiful this weekend. 70ish and sunny. I sure am going to miss these nice days when winter finally moves in. They are saying that we are supposed to have cold and snow this winter. According to the Almanac, anyway. We'll see.

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CrochetManiacs said...

That is so good to hear about Jereme! I am so glad and I know he is for sure. The weather has been really nice here to. Right now we are having a little thunder boomer, not to bad though....but we have well had enough rain here lately.