Saturday, September 30, 2006

A Nice Fall Day

Today is supposed to be 85 and tomorrow we start dropping again down in the 70's. It's been really nice here.

We went to the Kamiakin High School football game last night. They played Sunnyside and we won 62-0. It was a little one sided to say the least. Sunnyside would get a good run going and then we'd intercept, block the kick or just do something to get the ball back. It was pretty warm during the game. Last week we got cold and had our coats on by halftime.

I really haven't been doing much except crocheting and trying to keep up with the boys and the teachers. Tyke is still coughing, but all in all he is feeling better. He even went to the game last night. Andy has been playing soccer. They had 2 games this week and lost them both. This year he is playing several positions, from goalie to forward and everything in between. He was using some pretty impressive footwork in the last game. We didn't know he could do that! He's really enjoying it.

Mike went fishing this morning with Scot. I hope they are successful. It would be nice to have some fresh fish to eat.

Sadee came in heat last weekend. One week down and 2 more to go. We've got to get her fixed. I'm not going through this again with her. She has been the most whiney dog we've ever had. She hates being in the dog kennel when we leave. We're afraid some male dog will jump the back fence and get to her while we're away. She had to go in there last night and I think she was actually swearing at me. She was so mad!

I've had a couple of job interviews lately also. I'm kind of glad they didn't call me back. I really didn't want them anyway. I'll keep looking and the right one will come along.
I guess that's all for now.

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