Saturday, March 03, 2007

High School Orientation

Last night we went to dinner with my folks at Old Country Buffet. There were also 2 of my aunts, my mom's cousin and one of my cousins and 2 of her kids. It was good to see everyone. We had a very nice visit!

Today, Andy and I went to the high school for freshman orientation. He is looking forward to it. We talked to all the sports coaches that he's interested in playing and some of the elective classes. They were also taking groups on a tour of the school. It was nice to see the school since it was remodeled 2 years ago. They added a lot of rooms and gymnasiums to it since I went there.

I made a contact with the booster club also. They sell the clothing with the school logo on it. I am going to make up a bunch of scarves and fingerless gloves for them to sell next fall during football season. We'll split the proceeds so that I can make back my material money, at least. It will help me get my crochet stuff out there a little bit more.

Andy starts track practice on Monday. He's never done track before, so this is something new. He plans to play football next year. We talked to the head coach today and he says that all the freshman make the team and play. They hav a spring training camp here and then a summer training at Boise State University in the summer for a week. Andy is really looking forward to it.

There is no cup race this weekend, and the Busch race is on Sunday. They are racing in Mexico this week. Mike and the boys may be going to the Tucannon tomorrow to go fishing. It's supposed to be really nice then.

The weather is not cooperating lately. We've had rain and cold again. It's supposed to get up to 59 today and it's only 43 at 1:30pm. I have my doubts about it getting any warmer today. I'm so ready for warm weather!

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