Monday, February 26, 2007

Another Birthday

Well, my birthday was pretty uneventful, which can be a good thing. The boys made me waffles for breakfast and took me to have pizza for dinner. I just love Hubby's Pizza. The only one I get there is the one with dill pickle, pepperoni and sausage, Yummmmmmmmmy! My mom stopped by to bring me my birthday card and money from her and Dad.

I had lots of email wishes and a few phone calls from family and friends. It was nice to hear from everyone.

The weather guys are predicting rain with the possibility of snow during the nights this week. I'm sure the snow won't be much or last long if we get any.

There is a bow shoot in Zillah this weekend. Mike has to work on Saturday, but maybe the boys and I will go up for the day. It all depends on the weather for me. I don't like shooting my bow in the rain. Since I shoot feathers on my arrows if they get wet, they just don't shoot right. They tend to go farther than I want them to. We'll see what happens.

Happy Monday!


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Happy belated birthday, Jodi!!