Sunday, March 11, 2007

It's Sunday

I've been busy adding pictures to our high school class blog this weekend. One of the guys sent me some great pictures and I just had to start adding them on there. Our next reunion is in 2009, so I've been working to try and keep the class together and in touch by emailing to everyone occasionally, and posting on the blog I set-up. It's just so much fun to hear from old friends!

Kamiakin 1979

The weather is pretty nice now. It was 63 on Saturday and it's going to be 70 today. I hope it stays nice for the archery shoot next weekend.

I'm working on a few things to take up there to sell. Just some pillows and hats probably. I don't want to take much. My boxes take up too much room in the trailer.

Have a fun week and I hope you get to start enjoying the spring wherever you are!

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