Sunday, May 21, 2006

Archery and the Scouts

This weekend we gave archery instruction to a group of boy and girl scouts. On Saturday, we did an orientation and then they got to shoot for a while. Sunday morning they were able to do whatever events they wanted and at one point I think we had all the kids there. They seemed to really enjoy it. There were several parents who tried it out as well.

Some of the other events were: hatchet/knife throwing, muzzleloading, rifle shooting, leather crafts, flint knapping and I'm not sure what else they had. The kids were all kept really busy though. It was a lot of fun for them and us.

The weather held until about 11:30 Sunday morning and it started raining. That was the perfect time, so we could put away all of our equipment before it got wet. We were supposed to do this last month and the weather did not cooperate at all and it was a bust. We have another weekend to do this in June, so we're keeping our fingers crossed that we have no rain or wind storms.

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