Sunday, October 15, 2006

My 1st Bazaar

Well, Andy and I set up a table at a bazaar yesterday for the 1st time. It was only a 1/2 day and there weren't a lot of folks out and about shopping yet, but we did sell a few things. Do you all remember that big rainbow snake I made this summer? I sold him to a little guy about the age of 4. His grandma bought it for him. I'm sure he was curled up with it last night in bed too! The cradle purses and small bags seemed to go over well too. I need to make more up in pinks and use more fun fur. Those were the eye catchers. One gal wants some furry scarves for gifts too. I'm going to make up some hats that are more girly too. At least I've got some more creative ideas now and will see what sells at the next one. Cell phone pouches and doggie sweaters were another request I had. I think I'll make up small amounts of these items and see how they go over. The holiday items got a lot of comments, but nothing sold.

Mike and Tyke went duck hunting yesterday. They went with a friend, took his dog and our Sadee. The shot 11 ducks all together. This was Sadee's first time out actually retrieving ducks. She was all for it until one flapped in her mouth and she got very freaked out! I guess she went running back to the blind without it. Mike did finally get her to play with it a bit though. Of course, with the other dog there, she got very protective of the dead ones. Apparently, she was growling when the other dog sat next to them. Then the other dog grabbed a long stick and wanted to play. They each had an end and were playing tug o war with it. Mike said that Sadee won. I think the other dog probably let her have it since Sadee is the pup. They went back out this morning with Andy too to hunt some more.

Tyke has a big bruise on his right armpit from shooting the gun and holding it wrong. He was hoping he could pad it enough to shoot today too. He's really proud of his wounds! His buddy came over last night and he was showing it off. Kyle always has bruises from playing football at school. It's really good to see Tyke so into something outdoors. He's more of the video game/computer geek.

Andy missed going Saturday and was quite bored at the bazaar. I really did appreciate his help though, with it being my first try at it. The next one will be easier for me to do alone. Unless, anyone wants to spend the day with me helping out. Maybe, a lunch break would be good. Any takers???

It's raining this morning and the wind just started blowing too. It's been so nice and calm lately, even warm outside. I really don't like the winter, but the sooner it gets here and goes, then SPRING will be back. My favorite time of the year.

You all have a wonderful Sunday, ya hear!

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