Saturday, November 10, 2007

Football + Teenage Boys =

Emergency Room!

The boys were all playing football across the street at the school and Andy broke his collar bone! He's been in some pain, but the meds. seem to be helping him sleep for now. He's in some funky strap thing that he has to wear all the time for 2 weeks. He can't do anything for 4 weeks, which rules out late hunting season in 2 weeks.

We're helping to host an archery shoot Sunday and the weather turned bad on us. It's windy and rainy today. It's going to be a cold football game this afternoon. We've had such nice weather lately that this is really depressing.

I just wanted to update you all on our little corner of the world.

Have a good holiday weekend!

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evelyns said...

Jodi sorry to her about your son hope he does well,
I hope this will go this time have a good day