Sunday, September 21, 2008

More Picnic Pictures

My niece, Ashley.
My nephews, Michael and Rick.
Here's Andy and Kesha. This is the same couple in the previous post that were so decked out for the dance!


Jean in Georgia said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. Looks as if all had a good time. I hope that Barry enjoyed it!

Jodi said...

He was a little cold and foggy early, but perked up as the afternoon went on. He started walking from chair to chair and talking to different people. My sister made him a B-Day cake which I didn't get pictures of, but my niece did. He loves his camp trailer and that's what it looked like. It was quite a surprise. He has not been one to celebrate his birthday and that part of the picnic was a surprise for him. We even had a few un-birthday parties for him in the past.