Sunday, November 09, 2008

My Sister, the World Traveller

My sis just arrived in Vienna, Austria today. Last week she was in Argentina. She gets to the hotel in Argentina and the restaurant across the street is non other than a Hooters! Can you believe it? How funny is that? We can't even get one in the Tri-Cities and there's one in Argentina! The closest one to us is in Spokane Valley.

In December, she's going to Paris. What a job she has. She switched jobs in April and I think she's pretty happy there.

I'll post pictures when she starts sending them to me.

Crochet orders are starting to come in for Christmas. I expect to be pretty busy for a while.

We've started having our reunion meetings also. If any of you readers are from the Kamiakin class of 1979, please let me know so I can add you to the contact lists. If you can help out, we'd love to have you join up. It's a lot of fun making contact with former classmates(notice I did not put 'old' I used former in that sentence :)
It's been 30 years and we need to find as many of you as we can.

Check out my crochet stores or my list of items for sale on this site. I have a lot of items in stock and somehow find time to make more. I'm sure you can think of someone that needs something that I make up.

Yesterday, I went to a couple of bazaars and had fun running into friends and new crafters. I had the nicest chat with Mr. Fleming. He was my ceramics teacher at Kamiakin. What a memory flashbacks of people that we both know. It was really fun. If any of you would like to take some pottery lessons or have kids that are interested, let me know and I'll hook you up with him. I think I have a future student for him.

I also ran into Zana and some crafters that I see from time to time. It just seems like there's not enough time to talk to everyone. I handed out a few of my business cards for Etsy and my shop too. There are some new ideas out there that really stuck with me.

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