Sunday, December 21, 2008

More Snow

We're up to 9 inches of snow today! The pictures above and below were taken Sunday afternoon, 12/21.

The picture below was taken on Saturday, 12/20.


Jean in Georgia said...

Wow! 9 inches of snow. I've never seen that much in my entire life!

Jodi said...

Yah, 9 inches is quite a bit for us. Spokane that is 130 miles north of us has over 2 feet now. The 2nd largest city in Washington and they're pretty much shut down for business. It's pretty ugly there.

We're still getting some more as I write this.

Summerysmile said...

Wow!! Thank God I live in Texas!!! :) Have a Merry very white Christmas!!!

Jodi said...

We spent Christmas Eve at my folks' house with my family. When we left there, you should have seen the size of the snowflakes coming down! They were huge!

We have a white Christmas, that's for sure!