Sunday, August 16, 2009

Facebook Page is Up for Morrow Family Memories

Ok, Cousins!

We now have a Facebook page to start posting on. You have to be a member to post on it.

Have fun!


CrochetManiac said...

Hi there Facebook Buddy!
I haven't been on your blog in so long, I should be ashamed :(

Stopped in to see what all you had posted here lately and I see that you are mostly on Facebook now.
I keep up with you there, I check in and see what you have been up to every few days. I hope all is going well with you these days, and that you do great with your Christmas sales :)

Jodi said...

Yep, I'm over at Facebook a lot these days. I got hooked on it while working on the reunion and gathering people for that. I do have pictures to put on here, but they seem to make on Facebook much sooner.
My sales aren't doing so much these days. A couple here and there, but nothing big. I just haven't been working at it as much. Too much other stuff going on in our part of the world right now to do much. My mind just doesn't want to finish anything I start. Lots of WIP's here!
Thanks for checking in on me! Love ya!