Sunday, November 14, 2010


We played Kelso here at home and won the game! 1st round of state playoffs done.
Next week we play Mt. Spokane, here at home again. The game is Saturday at 1:00pm. I sure hope the weather holds. The championship game is on Dec. 4th. There are 2 more games to win to get to Tacoma. GO BRAVES!! You can do it!!

It was cool yesterday, but dry and not windy. This morning it's rainy and cool. Mother Nature timed this weekend right!

I'm getting super busy with my Christmas orders now. Lots of slippers, pillows and wine cozies on order for folks. I love this time of year! It really gets my blook moving.

Andy played a few plays during the game after missing 3 weeks of games due to his injury. We went to Dairy Queen after the game and had burgers and ice cream. It was a great time with Mom and Sandi.

Sandi and I went bazaar jumping in the morning and had a fun day! I really love going out and seeing all the creative stuff people come up with and running into friends that we only see at this time of year.

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