Tuesday, July 25, 2006

This Morning

Yesterday, I got up with this awful pain in my stomach. My son called my mom and she took me to the hospital. They were thinking it was my gall bladder. They ran lots of tests, but found nothing. I have to see my doctor this week for a follow-up. They had given me a pain shot which made me groggy all day.

When I woke up this morning, one of my dogs was on the bed. KC is a bassethound/australian shepherd mix. She's built like the basset, but acts more like the shepherd. I have pic's below in here somewhere. Anyway, last summer I would wake up with her next to me every day. She put on too much weight over the winter to jump up there anymore. This is the first time since about December that she's done this. Apparently, she was worried about me and it also shows that she's lost some weight. I thought she had but we also thought it might have been losing her winter coat that made her look thinner. It really makes me feel good when one of the dogs does something like this. I just love them so much!


JazzRizz said...


I hope you start feeling better soon. I'm glad the test showed it wasn't anything serious. Hopefully your Dr. can figure out what's wrong.

Animals sure are sweet, arent't they. Mine always seems to know when I need attention.

Jodi said...

Thanks! I am feeling better today, but plan to take it easy today. I really have to go do some shopping at Walmart though. Other than that, the kids can do everything else.

My KC is the funniest looking dog and can be really stubborn at times. Her and I have this bond that is really great. My last dog really never bonded with me for some reason. She loved the kids and my dad though. She got car sick and used to stay with my folks a lot as she got older. It was like her own mini vacation. KC just wants to ride in the car all the time like our lab pup does. They are so funny!

CrochetManiacs said...

I am sorry to hear that you are hurting like that and have to go and see a Docter. The first thing that would have came to my mind to is gallstones. It's probably something really simple. H-pylori
bacteria can cause the same pain as gallstones do, and simple antibiotics and the 'Little Purple Pill' (Nexium) for your stomach will do the trick.
LOL, that's so sweet about how your doggie just has that instinct that you are hurting and wants to be close to you right now. Our pets have a way of making things better just by how they show us their love for us. KC sounds like she really loves you a lot. Hope you get to feeling much better soon.