Friday, May 09, 2008

A Busy Weekend

Well, my brother was doing great with his rehab, then he got the flu this week. It's spread to patients and staff on his wing of the center. He's pretty tired and they've said, no visitors this weekend so he can rest and be ready for Monday's therapy sessions.

He was up Monday and Tuesday using the walker! What a boost for him. Then he got sick on Tuesday night.

We are doing an archery instruction on Saturday with some boy scouts. We've done this before and it's always a fun and interesting time.

After archery, we are attending a funeral service. A very dear friend of ours, Ray Wilson passed away last weekend. He had ALS, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. We miss him so much already. He taught us so much about archery shooting and rules and regulations of the state club. He was always talking Mike and I into helping out with something. I guess he was molding us to be instructors and help spread the archery world to others.

After that, we plan to attend the Balloon Stampede in Walla Walla. We'll be watching the Night Glow, which is where the balloons light up and put on a show after dark. We have a good friend of ours that has a band and they are the feature for the night. It should be a fun night. Andy has invited his girlfriend to go along too. The balloons have been something that my sister, Andy and I usually go to every year that we can. We normally go to the lift off in the early morning.

Sunday is Mother's Day and I hope to go see Mom and Dad and get some rest & relaxation too.

So, what are your plans for the weekend?

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