Friday, May 16, 2008


Ok, this is crazy!

It got up to 93 today and tomorrow is supposed to be 100!
I can not believe how hot it is now.

We are driving up to Spokane tomorrow to see my brother and his family.
He is doing really well with his physical therapy. He got to walk a few steps yesterday on his own! How wonderful it that, folks! It's been 2 weeks since I've been up there, due to some archery stuff we had last week.

There is also a flood warning for Kiona on the Yakima River this weekend. They are saying it could crest by Wednesday. It is expected to reach 13.3 feet, which flood stage is 13.0 feet.

It was 1996 when it flooded the last time and it was ugly! It flooded Benton City and West Richland also. Our archery range was under 3-4 feet of water. People weren't able to get into town on the normal roads. You had to come in a back road to get to most areas in Benton City. Mike actually went out and pumped a basement or two with his potty truck. It was interesting to say the least. We just don't have things like that happen here. It was a real eye opener, that's for sure.

I think I need to get some rest for the long drive tomorrow.

Have a great weekend, Everyone!

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