Sunday, July 08, 2007

Andy's Birthday Picnic

We had a fun day at the park for Andy's birthday. Several of his friends came and some of our family were able to come.

Here's the cake my sister made. There is one candle in it already. The red and yellow are the colors for the boy's high school.

There's the birthday boy in the yellow shirt. He got his hair cut recently in a mohawk. Not my idea. It's a football thing.
This is my dad and mom.
We got Andy a new bike and that's Tyke standing behind him.


CrochetManiacs said...

WOW! Looks like a lot of fun going on there! And that cake looks so real, and yummy :)
Happy Birthday Andy

JazzRizz said...

It looks like ya'll had a wonderful time.

I hope Andy had a great birthday.

We use to go to the campgrounds for my birthday weekend when I was younger. Those were the best birthdays ever!