Sunday, July 29, 2007

Flip Flops

Every year on this past Friday, my mom, sister and sort of sister spend the day yard saling and going to a huge art show. We had a really fun time!
I made all of them a pair of flip flops.

Mike and the boys went to the annual hydroplane races this weekend. I sent some of my new huggies with them to sell and on Saturday, Mike sold all but one! But, he came home with some special orders and I was up late last night and up early this morning to get them all done for today. The last time I spoke with him, he had 3 left. He had 15 yesterday and 15 today. They went over really well down there! They are also handing out my business cards, so maybe I'll have more orders. I think once it cools off, the boobie slippers will start selling too. My hand hurt last night and is hurting a bit today too I did so much crocheting yesterday. I may have to soak it and see if that helps it any.

The Sears repair person for the refrig. is scheduled to be here between 8am and 5pm Monday! At least the cable company narrows it down to 4 hours. Do they not realize that people have jobs and can't be home all day waiting for them?? It really irritates me what they call customer service! NOT!

Well, the boat races are over now. Dave Villwok wins again. He isn't who I was cheering for, but my boat, Myers Auto Tech., was having trouble all day. Myers is the company that did all the work on my Montero this past year. They are awesome! If you live in the Tri-Cities and really want to have your vehicles worked on by a great group of people, call them. They have treated us so great and my car was not an easy job! The boats go to Seattle for this next week. That's always an interesting race to watch.

I've really gotta go rest my hand. I have lots of typing to do tomorrow at work.

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evelyns said...

Hi Jodi
I just got back to my blog and seen you left a message.
I only belong to a couple crochet message bourds You have some cute flip flops. How do you get the word verication for blogs
Have a nice night