Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm Really Not Missing

Well, I haven't posted in a while. I've been busy working on some crochet swap items and selling pillows and hats.

We are planning to go to another archery shoot on the 8th-10th. It's a traditional only one. It's being put on by Mt. Clemans Archers. They put on a fun shoot and are really nice folks. I hope to take some of my pillows and hats up there to sell also. I might even throw in some of the kid's stuff too.

I just have so many projects on my mind that I'd like to make up, and so little time to do them lately. For some reason the boys all seem to be glued to the house and are really not giving me any down time at all. The weather has been beautiful finally and everyone should be outside more. I've started taking the dogs for a walk in the evenings. We don't go for long, but it does feel good to go.

Andy started football practice yesterday. He's playing for Kamiakin his freshman year. It's going to be a long summer for him. He has spring practice until June 15th, then on June 16th he goes to Boise State for 5 days of football camp. On July 9th (I think) he'll start with summer conditioning and soon after will be starting actual football practice. The coach said they had a record number of boys turn out this time. They ran out of equipment and are awaiting some new stuff to come in.

School is out on June 8th. WooHoo! I can't wait.

Later Friends!

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