Friday, November 17, 2006

Archery Turkey Shoot

Last night was our club's annual Turkey Shoot and Swap Meet. We had Pat's famous chili dogs and lots of conversation with folks. It was fun to see people that we hadn't seen in quite some time. I didn't even get my bow out to shoot.

Since it was a swap meet, I took a couple of boxes of my crocheted stuff to sell. I did really well! I was very happy with the sales I made. People are starting to think about Christmas which is a good thing. I might even get some other orders from folks that took my card and will get with me later.

Our club has a bit of a problem this year. The fairgrounds has taken away our building that we have rented out every winter for several years. They are using it for people to keep their boats in out of the weather! We're not very happy about it. They didn't even call us, they informed our secretary when she called to give them the dates of our shoots! How bad is that?? They have said that we can use another building, but it's 4 times the price per night and we'd have to move all our shooting boxes and the backdrop net out every night that we use it!!! If anyone in our area knows of an empty building, barn, or warehouse with electricity that we could rent and leave our things set-up, please let me know. This means that we can not do any state tournaments for the winter or have our fun night.

Mike and Andy are off to the snowy mountains tomorrow for late season hunting. It opens on Monday. They'll be home on Thursday for Thanksgiving. Hopefully, they get a deer or elk this trip.

Tyke and I will hang out here at home where it's warm with the dogs. Tyke has been invited to go the the Apple Cup in Pullman tomorrow with one of our archery guys. He is torn, because tomorrow is his school's playoff game. If they win this one, they will play next week and then play in the state tournament. He really wants to see his school play because he knows so many of the players. However, to go see his UW Huskies play would be really fun for him. The other guy is a diehard WSU fan which would make it really interesting for them.

There's a couple of bazaars today that my sister and I are going to this afternoon. She is busy tomorrow so we'll hit them today. It should be fun.

Have a great weekend!!

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