Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

We were at my Mom and Dad's house with family. It was a very nice day. We've gotten to where we have an early dinner and we can visit or play games until we feel the need to go home. That way the day isn't quite so long for everyone, and if others have to be at other dinners they can make it without too much chaos.

A very close friend of mine called me yesterday morning to tell me that her daughter had her first baby. She had a boy. I hope you are all sitting down before I give you the weight of the little (not exactly) boy........

10 lbs, 14 ozs and 22" long!!!

Karen said he's doing fine and he's riding a bike down the hall!! haha
Kimmie, the mother, had to have a c-section. She's doing okay though. I have to call them and see how they are today. Karen's hubby had surgery last week and is doing well, but still in the hospital too. I hope you both have a speedy recovery and that I get to come visit you all soon. They live out of town. I really miss them all too. Hey Auntie Shanna! You know the Aunt's job is to spoil those nephews rotten too. Just call me if you need an ideas on that.
I can't wait to see pictures of the baby.

The wind has been blowing here non-stop for a couple of days now. I do not sleep good when it blows like it has been. I think I was so exhausted last night from not sleeping the night before that I got caught up.

Mike and Andy got home from hunting on Wed. They did not get anything but snow and some dogs that got into a cooler and stole some food. Last time it was cows and this time it's dogs. I think it's time for some new hunting spots. What do you all think??

Our high school football team is down the the final 4 tomorrow. If they can win this game, they will play for the state tournament. This is really exciting. They have had 7 shutouts and only lost 1 game all season! Go Braves!!

On Dec. 2nd, I'm going to be set up at Eastgate school for a bazaar all day. I hope that I can sell a lot of my things. I'm trying to make up some more kid items since it's so close to Christmas. If you're in the area, please come and check out the bazaar.

The 2nd is also Mike's company Christmas party. They always give a room for the night also. It keeps them from having any drunken drivers. There is usually about 400 people there and you never know what will happen. In year's past I have made up something special for the 2 bosses and it is given to them during the party. One year was a boobie pillow and last year everything was in a brown paper bag. Embarassing things to say the least. This year, Mike wants me to give their wives something nice. Nothing embarassing though.

I'm pretty happy with my sports teams this week. The Chiefs beat those broncos yesterday and Greg Biffle won the last NASCAR race of the season! He's won the past 3 final races! I'd have to say that Homestead, FL is his track. Now if Kamiakin can win, it'll be a complete week in my sports world!

Well, I guess that's about it for now. I'm sure I'll have more to write tomorrow.
I have a special post to make tomorrow for someone, so check back!


Carol said...

About 3 weeks ago my DH killed an 8 point whitetail in our woods behind our house. He was so thrilled, his first kill on his own property! It wasn't a wall hanger but it was nice. He took care of business and put the meat in a cooler with ice. He left it oustside of the garage. The next day he went to work and I looked out the window and saw our black dog with something dead. Wondering what she may have gotten I walked out and saw it was fresh meat. Our 2 dogs had gotten the lid off the cooler and taken every last piece of meat! DH was just sick about it. I couldn't help but laugh.

Carol said...

oh I forgot to mention that he killed it with his bow.

Jodi said...

Congrats to your hubby on the deer! It's a bummer that the dogs got to it. They can sure find that fresh meat when they want it, can't they? So he's a bow hunter too. That's great! We've been doing archery for about 10 years now. We do it for fun, competition and hunting. Our club keeps us pretty busy. Does your hubby have a compound or traditional bow? I shoot a longbow and the rest of the family shoots both kinds. I haven't shot in a while and now it's getting too cold to go to the range and shoot. We usually have indoor shooting for the winter, but we lost our building. We would have to drive 80 miles to shoot indoors now. We're supposed to get snow tomorrow night, so driving out of town is not an option.
One of the young girls in our club is a future Olympian. She just spent a week with the US Jr. team training with their coach. I haven't talked to her yet, but I'm sure she has a lot of stories to tell. She's 16 and has traveled all over the country to compete. I think she's ranked 2nd or 3rd in the US for her class right now. It's pretty neat. She used to date our next door neighbor too. We excited for her.