Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Party

I'm going to try this again. I had problems with it yesterday.

We went to a Halloween party on Saturday night. It was a lot of fun. We got to see some friends that we only see once or twice a year.

Our costumes were quite unique. If you are easily offended, please do not click on the link below.

If you would like to see them, feel free to click here or email me and I will send you a picture. Do not open it around kids or at work though. It's a little bit naughty.

I hope it works this time.


tezen said...

oh my gosh those are great LOL
Did you use a pattern or make it up? LOL the boobs would make a great scarf :)

Jodi said...

I made them up. I put a tennis ball in each boob to weight them down. They were pretty funny looking.

Hubby's was a willy warmer with 2 kinds of yarn and he put golf balls inside it. He tied it around his waist to hold it on.