Sunday, November 26, 2006


Well, this is the earliest snow we've had in years!
It's even sticking and looking at the radar, we're goint to get it for a day or two.
I'm really not ready for this.

The family is all meeting at Dad and Mom's for Dad's birthday party this afternoon. I hope that the roads aren't too bad. We only live about 2 miles away, but we have to go down a steep hill to get there. Knowing the city, they won't sand the roads until early tomorrow morning, before school starts, if we get that much snow today.

Kamiakin lost the game yesterday. It was a tough one. About 3 boys went out with bad leg injuries. The season is over for them. It was disappointing and the team they played was quite rude! They brought their band here and when our 1st boy was injured on the ground for about 10 minutes, they played music and yelled cheers! Talk about bad sportsmanship. They were the worst team for attitude that we've played all season, I think.

Mike and the boys went to see the new James Bond movie Saturday. They said is was really good. I'll wait until it comes out on video. I'm not a big movie goer. I'd rather be able to pause it when I need to or play back parts when I want.

Happy Sunday!!

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